THUNDER w/ slip n slide & pool Package

Product Information:

1-THUNDER w/slip n slide & pool (wet)

1-Bounce House

1-Fun Machine (30 servings)




Price: $399.00
Circuits needed: 3
Item Dimensions: 55L 22W 25H
Space Needed: 60L 25W 28H


  • 8' Plastic Table8' Plastic Table

    Great for outdoor parties and indoor events



    Cotton Candy , Cotton Candy, Cotton Candy!!! Now this is a special treat. The cotton candy machine has become one of the most sought after fun foods machine. You just cannot get enough of it. Kids go wild, and adults get super excited when ever cotton candy is around. It offers a variety of flavors , a mouth full of sugary awesomeness and just a few sticky fingers when its all done. Cotton Candy is fun to make and even more fun to eat…Call Now or Reserve online and save!!


    You can’t have a party without authentic, tasty popcorn. This is just what this popcorn machine provides and then some. Already equipped with all you will need (popcorn, oilbags), get ready to start popping. Its fun, its simple and most of all the popcorn is very flavorful & tasty. Call now or reserve online!

    $69.00 (30 Servings)


    Awe…the Sno-cone machine. Nothing beats an ice cold refreshing sno-cone on a hot summers day! Whatever your taste maybe, just shave some ice, grab a cup and add your favorite flavor of syrup whether it be cherry, fruit punch, blue raspberry, lime, grape, orange or just plain shaved ice….just enjoy the soothing refreshing taste that only a sno-cone can offer. It’s simple, quick and fun to make. Its everyone’s favorite! Call now or reserve online!

    $69.00 (30 servings)

  • White Folding ChairsWhite Folding Chairs

    White Plastic Floding Chairs are perfect for your backyard parties and any major event so go ahead and palce your order today.



    A very vibrant Multi-color bounce house that is sure to  illuminate your next event! This Colorful bounce house is ideal for just about anyone and provides lots room for non-stop jump and play. 

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THUNDER w/ slip n slide & pool Package

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